The Asian Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences (ANPOSS) aims to promote intellectual dialogues and research in the philosophy of the social sciences in Asia. That is, to facilitate academic discussion between philosophers and social scientists in Asian regions and in other parts of the globe, and to help the works and idea of scholars in Asia gain greater international recognition.

It is modeled on two preceding networks in the field: the Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable (POSS-RT) and the European Network for the Philosophy of the Social Sciences (ENPOSS). ANPOSS closely collaborates with both these networks. We organized a joint conference together in 2021. ANPOSS holds a conference every two year and publishes selected papers from the conference in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences journal. ANPOSS seeks to collaborate not only with the two networks and journal mentioned above, but also with other associations, journals and academic societies.

ANPOSS respects the diversity of genders, nationalities, approaches and ideas. As the list of founding members found below clearly suggests, ANPOSS welcomes not only scholars of Asian origin, but also European, North American, and others working in Asia and different parts of the world. It also, encourages the participation of women and scholars of other underrepresented groups.

Becoming a member of ANPOSS is extremely easy. By simply registering on this page, you can join ANPOSS. As a member of ANPOSS, you will receive emails about ANPOSS conferences and other relevant events.

ANPOSS Steering Committee:

Chor-yung Cheung (City University of Hong Kong)
Francesco Di Iorio (Nankai University)
Paul Dumouchel (University of Quebec/Ritsumeikan University)
Reiko Gotoh (Teikyo University)
Mark Tamthai (Payap University)
Kei Yoshida (Waseda University)